Tips When Cooking For Only Two

Cooking for 2 is not as easy as it might look, even for the most experienced of cooks. It requires a little bit of creativity in order to make something that is going to be filling and delicious for both individuals. couple cookingWhen it comes to cooking for just yourself, it is much easier due to the assured nature of only shopping for preferred ingredients. However, it becomes difficult to do so when both individuals’ needs have to be balanced in order to put together a meal that is going to be enjoyed by both. Let’s take a look at a few tips when you only need enough for two. This should make it easier to put together a memorable meal.


Surprising isn’t it? Why would anyone go with greens when it comes to a meal of any importance? While greens should not be the main course, they can add a little bit of quality to the meal that might otherwise have been missing. What kind of greens should be purchased? These greens can include things such as spinach or arugula. It is important to remember that these greens are what will add a bit of ‘oomph’ to the meal. This is what should be targeted when looking to cook for two individuals instead of one.

Smaller Servings

The idea of going with bigger servings is unnecessary and will lead to a lot of wasted food. This is especially the case when it comes to dairy products. Look to buy less and make the most out of it. Not only will this save a lot of money, but it will make sure the meal that is being made does not have excess ingredients. You should not make more than what you need or you will end up with too many leftovers. Smaller servings are easier to deal with.

Never Waste Ingredients

It can become easy to waste ingredients when you are making such small portions. It often becomes difficult to gauge how much is necessary to put together a good meal. This is why going with the homemade salad bar is often the best choice to go with. Often, the most money is wasted on putting together a salad. This is where a lot of extra vegetables are put aside and essentially tossed. A salad bar is the right way to go because it is neatly put together and will be easier to manage. Plus, it saves a lot of time. These tips should be incorporated when cooking for 2. This will ensure the meal that is being prepared will be delicious but you won’t have cooked to much. A delicious meal is still delicious if you eat any leftovers the next day, but when you have to eat it for the next week, it can ruin your taste for the meal that you thought was so great the first time around.  Use these tips to make it easier to put together a meal that will work well.